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OGNOS PARTNERS provides expertise in Research and Evaluation; Strategy, Planning and Policy-Consulting, Implementation and Technical Assistance, Survey and Data collection within International Development, Health, Social, Environmental, Energy and Economic Policy, markets, - particularly in the developing world. We design efficient policies based on a unique combination of local knowledge blended with qualitative and quantitative analysis.


Ognos works with local, state and national administrators to put in place effective result-oriented operating system based on accountability to constitutents. We develop rational frameworks to reduce redundancy and put in place evaluations to measure the impact of policies and programs.


  1. Research and Evaluation
    OGNOS offers the application of qualitative research and expertise in economics, statistics and local data collection to a range of problems in both the public and private sectors. OGNOS maintains a consortium of experts in disciplines such as epidemiology, economics, statistics and statistical modeling drawn from both the public and private sectors as well as academia which allows us to conduct surveys, field research and design metrics to meet the diversity of client needs. Surveys and evaluations conducted by OGNOS experts include:
    • Assessment of healthcare system efficiencies
    • Efficacy of government programs
    • Evaluation of rate and incidence of emerging infectious diseases
  2. Planning and Policy Implementation
    In the face of growing infrastructural and economic disparities between the developed and developing world, OGNOS assists client countries and states in the design, development and implementation of effective policies via a qualitative and quantitative assessment approach. We work with our clients in identifying the problem and provide through collaborative thought, a range of answers and insights to guide decision making while taking into account the fact that future challenges that may arise. Whether we are planning large scale immunization programs in Dakar or increasing food production in the Niger delta or evaluating court reform in Kabul, we continue to optimize our approach to suit our range of clients needs.

    Our experts have a combination of over 100 years of policy and strategy consulting experience worldwide.
  3. Consulting and Technical Assistance
    OGNOSí team of analysts and industry experts provide research-based consulting services to our private sector clients seeking to understand the varied emerging market policy environments. In addition, OGNOS provides technical assistance and advisory services to governments worldwide on issues related to efficient policy implementation programs and technical assistance to facilitate policy reforms in emerging markets.

    In particular we advice client governments on matters related to economic development as our experts have a range of experience facilitating health, environmental and trade programs in the developing world.
  4. Medical and Life Science
    OGNOS provides advisory services public and private sector clients in the promotion of sustainable improvements in patient safety, clinical care and service delivery at medical centers in the developing world. We put in place benchmarks associated with globally accepted best practices in hospitals and medical centers as a means of raising healthcare standards. OGNOS continues its collaboration with clients in order to ensure and sustain a culture of quality in healthcare delivery.

    OGNOS also works with clients in the biotech and medical device industries seeking to expand their services to emerging markets in defining and communicating their product value and safety to consumers and also in meeting the regulatory demands of the target markets.

We undertake research and offer technical assistance in the following areas:
  1. Law and Private Sector Development
    It is evident that a majority of business enterprises in developing countries lack proper access to finance and market relationships to participate competitively in the global economy, OGNOS works directly with small to medium scale enterprises in developing programs and practices to enable and increase in productivity and facilitate access to key domestic and international markets. In addition we provide assistance in business planning, operations and development of marketing trade agreements. Taking advantage of a unique blend of local expertise coupled with international experience in both the public and private sectors, we design policies aimed at improving the ease of doing business in emerging economies as a means of increasing cash flow thorough foreign direct investment.

    A major problem for small businesses in the developing world is lender confidence in extending credit facilties. As a means of increasing credit availability for small business owners in the developing world, OGNOS designs training programs to educate lawyers, small business owners and the business community in general, on common-law secured transaction principles. This will serve as a major step in stimulating entrepreneurship, innovative thought and growth of small businesses.

    With the aim of increasing the ranking of client countries in the World Bank Doing Business indicators, OGNOS also trains and works with independent insolvency trustees in client countries in areas such as licensing examinations, systems and ethical standards. This improves transparency, curbs corrupt practices and encourages foreign investment
  2. Energy (Oil and Gas) Policy
    With adequate and proper management guided by effective policy intiatives, OGNOS believes that energy resources particularly in the oil and gas sector can provide enormous benefits to client countries in the developing world. OGNOS provides advisory services on legal and contractual issues, regulation, sector restructuring and privatization and commercialization of state owned enterprises to encourage entry of the local private sector.

    As an example OGNOS experts have played advisory roles to public and private sector clients in the estblishement of mutually beneficial contract establishment procedures for extraction that support further exploration and production. We also assist governments in drafting policies to guide the use of revenue received from upstream rents of oil blocks. We also put in place initiatives to guide improvements in infrastructure and production quality while evaluating inspection guidelines and more accurate measurement standards of oil produced from state owned lands.

    Finally, also help governments adhere to EITT transparency.
  3. Environment
    At last environmental sustainability is recognized as a cross cutting issue that plays a critical component role across all development sectors. The previous failure to build environmental sustainability into both public and corporate development remains the root cause of the current global environmental crisis. Social and economic development cannot be sustained without due recognition of necessary and sustainable environmental planning.

    Timely strategic environmental and social impact assessment ( ESIA) of all government and private sector development strategies and policies assessing and, if possible, mitigating negative impacts of programmes requirement at the feasibility study stage .

    Recognizing the existing negative environmental and social impacts of inadequate design for sustainable development, OGNOS also advises on best practice procedures on disposal and rehabilitation of existing situations , particularly with respect to the extractive industries including the Oil and Gas industry.

    OGNOS recognizes the increasing role of biodiversity as a fundamental indicator of environmental health and its importance in providing natural resources to human populations through sustainable management.
  4. Health
    We design public health policies and strategies for revitalizing the primary health care delivery systems in developing countries particularly as related to maternal and child survival strategies and infectious disease response and interventions. We are experts in translating policy analysis and advocacy into executable programs.
  5. Food and Agribusiness
    As many as 800 million people in the developing world and at least 24 million in developed and transition economies are threatened by hunger. To help ensure food security in the developing world, OGNOS works with governments, donor organizations,agribusiness and trade associations to improve output and accelerate agricultural growth. Specifically we work to put in place Good Agricultural Practice standards to meet the varied, strict and competitive demands of the local and global market. OGNOS provides a bridge between the local producers and the financial sector to facilitate access to financing. OGNOS also partners with local and state governments to source funding for rural infrastructure projects and implement new proven technologies and best practices such as integrated pest management and biotechnology, with the aim of reducing cost and enhancing quality. OGNOSí blend of international experience and local expertise provide a unique cultural perspective which enables an understanding political and social environments in each client country.