• Knowledge is the beacon of change. Think Forward
  • All progress should be guided by sound strategy. Think Forward
  • Constructive thought is the first domino of change. Think Forward
  • Singular Focus. Global Change. Think Forward
  • Interaction is the catalyst for all change. Think Forward
  • Knowledge is the first step towards solutions. Think Forward
  • All solutions begin with intial contact. Think Forward
OGNOS Partners is a management and policy consulting firm committed to the design and implementation of unique and sustainable policy initiatives and best practice procedures to meet both public and private sector needs in rapidly evolving emerging market economies.

We are a partnership with headquarters in New York and regional presence in Boston, Lagos and London.

Core Beliefs
  • High performance government is an achievable goal and a necessary catalyst for development in transitional and emerging nations.
  • Problem solving, effective policymaking and economic development will require international expertise, high levels of academic training and deep local knowledge from public servants.
  • Change comes with teamwork and partnerships.
  • The process of change is gradual and must be managed.
  • Development is not a natural impulse of peoples and nation/states. It is a concept that must be implanted by the leaders, nurtured and supported by resources, infrastructure and processes within a forward looking culture.
  • Our work is not done until the changes we bring about are embedded and sustainable.