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OGNOS Partners is a management and policy-consulting firm with a focus on optimizing the impact of programs, projects and policy initiated by governments, public, multilateral and multinational agencies in emerging and transitional economies such as but not limited to the Next-Eleven group of countries as designated by Goldman Sachs in December 2005. Members of our highly skilled professional team are drawn from a broad range of disciplines and backgrounds including academia, the private sector and politics. This rich diversity of experience enables the provision of high quality objective research, analysis and strategy consulting expertise in the solution of complex real word problems.

Practice areas include:
  • General Public policy
  • performance measurement of public agencies
  • project monitoring
  • public health management
  • Infrastructure development
  • Energy management
  • Food and agribusiness
Speciality areas include:
  • Budgeting
  • Local Government development
While our practice places emphasis on the public space, we will undertake research, consulting and project management with private sector clients where resolution of the issues has a potential for high public impact or will improve the quality of and capacity for public policy decision making in the country. We also assist private sector clients interested in the increasing opportunities in emerging markets by providing advisory services as they navigate through specific national political and policy issues.

As an example of work carried out in our energy (oil and gas) practice, OGNOS experts have provided advisory services to both public and private sector clients in the development of mutually beneficial contract establishment procedures for crude oil extraction, that also supports further exploration and production while minimizing adverse environmental impacts. OGNOS principals have played vital roles in projects related to improving the effectiveness of government programs, implementation of better governance strategies, increasing the efficiency of doing business in emerging economies.